5 things in your life you can reflect on

When you feel that everything falls apart all around you, or you feel hopeless, have you analyzed what’s wrong or have you just moved on thinking it’s better to go with the flow. If a problem heads your way, have you solved it? Is there something you want to do but are not doing anymore, or that you are missing something in your life,  the charisma you have always wanted and maybe even envied in others. If you answer these questions in the negative, go ahead and try this useful exercise.

1) Look back and think about when you were the happiest

When did you thrive the most in your life? Looking back, there must have been key joyous moments in your life:  your time growing up with Family; traveling to another country; dancing all night in a disco with friends; participating in school’s extra curricular activities? Notice a couple of themes here? Friends, family and travel.

2) Open your eyes and pay close attention to what goes by

Instead of automatically just moving through each day, be on the lookout for things that light you up, or spark an interest. What movies capture your interest or books move you the most? What would you love to try?

3) Notice what makes you irritated or upset

What do you resent the most in your life? If you’re having a particularly grumpy day, what set you off? What’s most likely to put you in a bad mood? If you find yourself feeling annoyed or jealous of something that someone else is doing, ask yourself why. Are they doing something you want to do? Are they preventing you from doing something you need to do? Emotions are great signposts if you’re willing to do the digging to find out what they’re really about.

Have you ever felt that you feel a  deep frustration after a day’s work or even on getting back from vacation even though you have everything you wanted?  Thinking back helps in a way that surprises us about what is really bothering us.

4) Keep a Note and write often

Writing about your “feelings” might seem lame but go ahead and give it a try. The real you will find the voice and it will turn your life upside down and might even make you happier. Writing sometimes brings forth dormant thoughts.

5) Watch the signs from your body

Your body will tell you what resonates most with the real you, and when you’ve gone off your path or are betraying yourself. What makes you feel lighter and full of energy? What leaves you feeling drained? What makes you laugh? What makes you cry? (in a good way, and in a bad way) Pay attention to these physical clues – they will let you know when you’re getting closer to, or farther away from, yourself. Find some time each day to breathe deep and meditate on anything that might be bothering you. Work to resolve issues that are in your control and stop thinking about those that you cannot do anything about.

Start doing more of those things that you’ve noticed move you, make you feel alive again, or give you more energy. Begin to avoid or change things that drain you, tense you up, or deaden your spirit. Over time, you’ll be more and more what you thought you always were or meant to be. Grab that umbrella and fly away.

Life is waiting for you !!!

Stuffed Capsicum

Bharwan Shimla Mirch or Stuffed Bell peppers is popular in North Indian cuisine. In India, bell peppers are known by another name, capsicum. I remember eating this at a restaurant called Shanbhag as a kid, I loved it. Off-course this does not taste as good, it is a work in progress. Usually, bell pepper is just an ingredient in most recipes but in this one, it is the star.  In part, I have adapted the recipe from this blog but I kept it simple instead of going the elaborate way. Continue reading “Stuffed Capsicum”

Super Veggie Pizza

Welcome to the recipe for the father (“baap” in fact) of all veggie pizzas. The pizza contains pretty much all veggies I could lay my hands on.Its like veggie overload.

Gimme some pizza
Gimme some pizza

Suddenly, the whole calling up the pizza place made me lazy. So, I went shopping for ingredients for my very own pizza. I could also use as many toppings, so the prospect of it appealed to me. Take that, ye pizza places that charge us for additional toppings. Ugh !!

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Why cant I meet those people,

Writing their stories…

Leaving an indelible mark on us all

Penning the what could be and what ought to be…

Myriad characters with their variations…

Emotions enveloping them in their complexities

Where every step they take fills you with awe or trepidation..

Where  you can paint their many pictures and welcome each one..with open arms

Why can’t I be there writing their stories..


Who are you ?

Where is your humanity?

Where is your conscience?

Does not your heart shudder at the thought of such cruelty?

Does not your skin crawl with the memory of the brutality?

Do morality and righteousness hold no value to you anymore?

Are you a victim of circumstance or are you willingly committing these atrocities

Would your excuse be that your circumstances are responsible hurting the innocent?

Don’t you wake up at night with the screams of those who lost their lives

Who are you and what do you hold dear?

A “Series” of Quotes from One Tree Hill

I have always been fascinated by series that tackle a theme each week and strive (or so it seems)to send across a message. I particularly like the shows that are based around quotes. There are many such popular series that have used this concept to their advantage. The show wants you to think about every great quote there ever was and weave a story around it. Many characters from the show tend to portray the voice-overs or a specific person does the voice over, the voice of reason. Voice-over is often like narration but it provides a touch of insight into people’s lives and often addresses the moral dilemma a character is involved in. Ok, I stole that line from Wikipedia !! It does sound good though.

One Tree Hill was one of the first shows I watched which has theme based episodes. The title of each episode is coined after songs, bands or albums. Some of my favorite titles are

1. The Games That Play Us
2. You Gotta Go There to Come Back
3. The Desperate Kingdom of Love
4. The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
5. Like You Like an Arsonist
6. I’ve Got Dreams to Remember
7. I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness
8. Songs to Love and Die By
9. All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
10. For Tonight You’re Only Here to Know
11. Hate Is Safer Than Love
12. One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning
13. Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said the Last Time I Saw You
I like many other titles but these, I like the most. Some of my favorite voice-overs in no particular order are(that sounded like I was giving away the Oscars *grin*),
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Live your life like….

Life Love

You are down and out

Your courage has but dwindled

Your shoulders can no longer bear the weight of the world

Your feet are heavy with the burden of your mistakes and predicaments.

You will give up on it all

in many of your waking moments

and many more  sleepless ones

The gross injustice that is your life

But strength does exist.

It lives in weird places and sneaks in at unearthly hours.

And it creeps up on you…Listen to your heart..

Listen to those who matter to you.

We have but one life to live

One life to be brave…

Paneer Butter Masala (Cottage Cheese Curry)

Many people live to eat and take life as it comes. They are usually a very happy-go-lucky lot. Like they used to say back in Hyderabad,India, ‘lite le yaar’ meaning take it easy, friend. Half their problems are solved by not worrying over them.

Check out these kids being blissfully unaware of their surrounding and enjoying their chocolate bar. The expression on the third girl’s face is hilarious.For the uninitiated, they are dressed for a dance show called Bharatanatyam. Continue reading “Paneer Butter Masala (Cottage Cheese Curry)”