What would you do if it were?

What would you do if it weren’t?

What would you do if I just said that and didn’t mean it?

What would you do if your answer meant something to me?

Sometimes life has no purpose worth serving.

Sometimes we do not know where we stand, what we stand for…

Sometimes life doesn’t seem worth living …


Sometimes you seem close to me…

Sometimes you are not,

Sometimes you seem to like me,

Sometimes you don’t seem to care one way or the other.

Sometimes you seem to mean everything you say,

Sometimes it looks like a bald-faced lie

Sometimes can only be harmful to you and to me.

Wake up and take a stand for what you believe in.

Today is a brand new day. Time is waiting for your belief.





 A restless soul in a restless body,

Ever in search of a way to be,

A way of life,

Ever dealing with the conflicting boundaries of what’s right and what’s wrong

Where do my boundaries lie,

Where I need to pause and see

To believe, to have and to hold

What would you have me believe?

What would you say is the right way to be… For you and for me?


poetic verse

Why should there be an unraveling mystery about you.

Why should you live your life confined within the sacred spaces of your mind.

Why should your life be one giant mishap after another…

Live your life like it is an eternity to gaze at..

Like the story of your life would never end..

Value the shrine, that is your heart.