My BeAutiul daY..

I was alone, and walking along the way

I was in my own little world,

I saw a beautiful bird and followed it

It led me to a sunrise, the beginning of day

The rays warm on my skin and a breeze blowing gently

It was like coming to you

You were like my beautiful day

I slept at night and dreamt a dream where the world was mine

You were my beautiful dream

I walked again another day along a path where the winds were harsh

The sun shone down no more, the day dull

And the land was dry, the trees sparse,

But the thought of you brought me joy

The day did not have a hold on me anymore

YOu were to me my beautiful day

YOU, my love are my beautiful day

A yet untitled verse

I write for you, I write for me

I write for that which I cannot see.

I write to find the meaning of why

I write for that which would make me sigh.

I write because of a yearning inside of me.

I write for strength, tangible let her be..

I write of thoughts that come unbidden.. I write to find their meaning

Because they have one..

I write to find that hidden goal..

I write to find and save my soul