Shattered and Whole

You don’t want to believe that we could be one again…

You don’t want to believe that you can feel love again…

I want to move away from this life,

From all the drama created

From all the pain and the disappointment

From the negativity

To a better sun,

To a better shore,

I am not running away from…

I just want my space…my share of  “calm”

To rediscover who I was and what I meant to Be…

I always meant to be good,

giving out rather than taking from…

I meant to be the best person that I can be….

Somewhere..I have lost my way and need to find it again

Where I used to be before the heartache..


Somehow you are responsible for my reasons and passions now…

But the day will come when I will come into my own..

I will be whoever I want to be.


6 thoughts on “Shattered and Whole”

  1. Still under construction… waiting to see what happens and then you will add to it? 😉

    Poetry comes out of strong feelings as apposed to prose which comes from reflection. Waiting for the finished product!

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