Why cant I meet those people,

Writing their stories…

Leaving an indelible mark on us all

Penning the what could be and what ought to be…

Myriad characters with their variations…

Emotions enveloping them in their complexities

Where every step they take fills you with awe or trepidation..

Where  you can paint their many pictures and welcome each one..with open arms

Why can’t I be there writing their stories..


Who are you ?

Where is your humanity?

Where is your conscience?

Does not your heart shudder at the thought of such cruelty?

Does not your skin crawl with the memory of the brutality?

Do morality and righteousness hold no value to you anymore?

Are you a victim of circumstance or are you willingly committing these atrocities

Would your excuse be that your circumstances are responsible hurting the innocent?

Don’t you wake up at night with the screams of those who lost their lives

Who are you and what do you hold dear?

Live your life like….

Life Love

You are down and out

Your courage has but dwindled

Your shoulders can no longer bear the weight of the world

Your feet are heavy with the burden of your mistakes and predicaments.

You will give up on it all

in many of your waking moments

and many more  sleepless ones

The gross injustice that is your life

But strength does exist.

It lives in weird places and sneaks in at unearthly hours.

And it creeps up on you…Listen to your heart..

Listen to those who matter to you.

We have but one life to live

One life to be brave…

Saying Good Bye

What is it to truly leave a part of you behind?

How does it feel to end a journey?

What does it take to steel yourself from the force of emotions that hits you?

What if what you love, you can’t keep?

How does it feel to know that everything you have known will be left behind?

And you have tears brimming in your eyes…

And you can’t turn back… Nor can you go back.

There is nothing there for you.

Trying hard to leave…

You are trying hard to let go, to let them go.

Love takes prisoners with it and you are waiting…

Waiting for the sinking feeling and the final parting.

The hardest part is always good-bye.

And the heart

The heart is an amazing thing,

The heart wows, it wonders,

It engages , it cavourts,

It sometimes gets broken and is sometimes whole.

One minute, it is full of life and love,

The next, the heart is shattered.

It dies a slow, painful death,

Taking with it vivid memories, sharp and bittersweet.

On the road….my dreams of nirvana

Explored! - Moksha - Karma - Nirvana

Someday I want to be on the road,
Driving nowhere fast,
Hoping that the journey will last.
With a full tank of gas
My sunglasses on..and baggage zilch..
Oh !! the adrenaline rush !
Got nowhere to go, got no one to please,
Going where the heart takes me...
Watching miles pass me by and people.
Darkness turns to light ..and night to day,
Times passes by without your say.
Trying to get a piece of the sky,
In my mind, I wish to fly.
Trying to absorb the warmth of the sun...
Cruising along until I reach the horizon
Or to wherever the end of the planet might be..
Am Dreamin' of a picturesque place and
Where the land has sun and sand
And a stillness and some calm..
There I will and my Nirvana..

Dedicated to Music

sourced image

What is it about music that moves me, the soul stirring, the heart warming and the smile widening…..
She calms my senses and makes me go into a trance…
A haze purple, silver or white draws me away from my blues……
The beats ring in my ears, making me deliberate over things, ponder and make me wander.
Can I put into words her entirety, her beauty..Such is the power of music..of keys and of notes..
She’s a wonder…My Music <3 in every part of my life..

My Beautiful People

You must have met them somewhere…
As the life of a party…
Or helping someone out…

They are the ones who make the effort for you…
Who ask you what pains you..
And ask if they can find the remedy for you…
Who inspite of their own reluctance
do something if only to please you..
Who are worried more about your comfort than their own…
What I would not give to have such people in my life.
They are the beautiful people ..

The story does not end here…
Because they are in my life
My piece of miracle…
My very own beautiful people..


Shattered and Whole

You don’t want to believe that we could be one again…

You don’t want to believe that you can feel love again…

I want to move away from this life,

From all the drama created

From all the pain and the disappointment

From the negativity

To a better sun,

To a better shore,

I am not running away from…

I just want my space…my share of  “calm”

To rediscover who I was and what I meant to Be…

I always meant to be good,

giving out rather than taking from…

I meant to be the best person that I can be….

Somewhere..I have lost my way and need to find it again

Where I used to be before the heartache..


Somehow you are responsible for my reasons and passions now…

But the day will come when I will come into my own..

I will be whoever I want to be.



The road started where you did..

Then strangers joined along the route 

Just when you thought that your destination was the same, they changed course

And your path was lonely..


But you moved met others.. But only for a short course, your paths were the same..

And you lost your faith.. 

Then you lost your way..

Somewhere the road turned and you didnt see it coming….